Chiropractic Care for Back Pain and Sciatica

Pain in the joints and muscles of our bodies is an indicator that something is awry. Pain in the head and shoulders can be particularly troublesome, especially if that pain leads to headaches. Many of us spend long hours at a computer or working in front of our bodies. This type of repetitive work takes a toll on our shoulders and neck muscles.

The Impact of Repetitive Strain

Your muscles are similar to giant elastics; they can hold certain positions and provide support for some time. However, if an elastic stretches in one direction for too long, it will eventually fray and break down. Our neck muscles are not that different. Over time, the repetitive strain injury associated with looking at a cell phone or working on a computer all day can take a toll on the health of our muscles and, perhaps even more importantly, our joints.

Understanding Text Neck

“Text neck” is not just a silly tagline; it is a pathological process with its own diagnostic criteria. Long-term, this posture and subsequent spinal stress can lead to headaches, jaw problems, shoulder tension, and chronic pain. If severe enough, this posture can lead to cervical kyphosis (straightening or forward flexion of the neck), which can cause disability and neurological symptoms.

Our Approach to Treatment

Neck and shoulder pain is the second most common challenge for patients in practice after low back pain. We help people with neck and shoulder pain daily. At Longevity Chiropractic Guelph, we use a multifaceted approach to correct the underlying postural changes associated with text neck and pain in the neck and shoulders.
We have many tools at our disposal and find that exercise, posture retraining, chiropractic care, and some lifestyle tweaks can alleviate this neck pain!

Addressing Headaches

Headaches (see our website for a further discussion on headaches) can arise for many reasons. If a patient’s headaches are associated with their neck posture, they can also expect significant improvement, if not resolution, in their symptoms.

Take the Next Step Towards Pain Relief!

Don’t let neck pain and headaches control your life any longer. Schedule an appointment with Longevity Chiropractic Guelph today and discover how our comprehensive approach can help you regain your health and vitality. Call us at 519-265-1899 or visit our homepage to book your consultation now. Your journey to a pain-free life starts here!


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