Our Story

Dr. Claire, Longevity Guelph Chiropractor

The word longevity is very intentional as the focus of our practice. After experiencing the loss of several family members at a young age, it lit a desire in me to help teach people about the preventative effects of chiropractic and the tools required to live with less pain and more energy.

Additionally, I have had the privilege to work with thousands of patients through almost two decades of chiropractic practice. With the right tools, the aging process can be one of vitality and zest. I have frequently recalled patients saying, “I feel so old. I wish I had more energy. It’s hard getting old.” Although aging is unavoidable, chiropractic care can help us, no matter what our age, to live our best life.

Chiropractic helps our brain speak to our body, and our body speak to our brain – it’s that simple!