Chiropractic Care for Headache Relief at Longevity Chiropractic Guelph

Headaches are among the most common challenges at Longevity Chiropractic Guelph. Whether it’s headaches associated with hormone changes, post-concussion and whiplash headaches, migraines, or stress headaches, chiropractic care can help people with all types of headaches. Headaches are a sign that our bodies are responding to some sort of stress. For many people, headaches can result from stress in the joints of the neck and mid-back, particularly those who spend most days at a computer.

Headaches associated with posture or text neck

Text neck and postural headaches are characterized by persistent shoulder and neck tension that often leads to headaches. People with this type of challenge frequently lack a full range of motion and feel tension in their neck and shoulder muscles throughout the day, particularly at the end of the day and first thing in the morning.

Post-Concussion and Whiplash Headaches

Post-concussion and whiplash headaches can be particularly debilitating and persistent. These types of headaches often occur after an injury that causes a sudden and forceful movement of the head, leading to trauma to the neck and head. This type of injury can lead to altered joint movement in the neck, spasms in the neck and shoulder muscles, and inflammation in the joints, leading to persistent and ongoing pain, nerve irritation and possible nerve compression. Symptoms of this type of headache are persistent headaches that last weeks, months, or years after the initial injury, ringing in the ears, fatigue or irritability, dizziness, and pain that is often described as a dull ache in the head and neck.

Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches can occur for many reasons, including genetic predisposition, environmental factors, hormonal changes, and dietary triggers. Common triggers for migraines include Hormonal changes, food sensitivity, stress, persistent fatigue, and a particular type of stress in the neck joints and muscles. This type of stress is called a joint misalignment, and it’s what chiropractors have been correcting for over 150 years. At Longevity Chiropractic, we will determine the cause of the headache and, as long as we can help, create a plan for you to alleviate or resolve your migraine headaches.

Our Approach to Treatment

At Longevity Chiropractic, we understand the complexity of headaches and offer a comprehensive approach to treatment:
Chronic headaches can lead to difficulties with work, home life, and overall enjoyment of life. At Longevity Chiropractic, we have a multi-step approach to headache resolution. Using a combination of lifestyle tweaks, specific, safe, and gentle chiropractic adjustments, exercise, and, in some cases, posture retraining, many of our patients have experienced significant relief from their headaches, whatever the source.
Don’t let neck pain and headaches control your life any longer. Schedule an appointment with Longevity Chiropractic Guelph today and discover how our comprehensive approach can help you regain your health and vitality. Call us at 519-265-1899 or visit our homepage to book your consultation now. Your journey to a pain-free life starts here!
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