Meet Dr. Claire

Chiropractic has always been part of my life. My mom started taking us to the chiropractor at age five as she understood a healthy nervous system was essential for growing children. However, it wasn’t until I turned twenty-one that I understood how much of an impact chiropractic can make.

After a long hike with a cumbersome pack, I started having horrible chest pain–so bad that I quickly got to the doctor as I convinced myself it was something awful. The doctor said I was fine and he couldn’t find anything wrong. I was relieved I wasn’t having a heart attack, but the pain made it difficult to breathe, stand straight, and sleep.

I got myself to a chiropractor and explained my symptoms. He quickly determined that my ribs were out of place, causing the pain. After a few adjustments, I was pain-free!

I have continued to receive adjustments regularly and cannot imagine my life without chiropractic.
After almost 18 years in practice, I have been astounded by the changes I have seen in patients under chiropractic care. People frequently come to see me after consulting with multiple other healthcare providers and will often remark, “I wish I had tried chiropractic first.”
When not in practice, I spend most of my time with my kids and our dog.

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